Cold Chain Management

The cold chain can be described as "the seamless movement of fresh, chilled or frozen products, from the production area to the market, through various storage and transport mediums, without any change in the optimum storage temperature and relative humidity".

PPECB is responsible for South Africa's cold chain management and ensures that products for export are handled, stored and transported at specific temperatures and optimum conditions.

Reduced Risk: One of the most important aspects of cold chain management is the reduction of client risk by way of loss prevention. PPECB saves its clients millions of rands through the early identification of risks in the container-loading process. PPECB cold chain assessors are trained to identify possible risks such as faulty equipment and unfit vessels and containers. Risk is managed prior to the exportation of products.

Reduced Claims: PPECB ensures that the proper cold chain guidelines and correct handling procedures are adhered to. Consistent product quality leads to a reduction in client claims.

Quality Assurance: PPECB's cold chain assessments ensure that proper equipment settings, product conformity and handling protocols are implemented. These protocols are inter alia based on client specifications and the importing country's requirements. This results in the reduction of claims, but most importantly, food safety and quality assurance of the produce is maintained. Consistent product quality builds confidence in South Africa's perishable products.

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